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Looking at the past to predict the future: Five key Christmas customer experience trends

31 October 2017

They say history repeats itself. Even in today’s constant state of change, elements of this age-old saying continue to ring true, and at no time of...


Adapt for the future with data driven decisions

14 September 2017

Times are changing. No longer is data something reserved for a select few—it’s become today’s language of business.


The key to winning at customer experience: Ask, Act, Improve

16 August 2017

Today’s business landscape is like none before.

Information is available at the touch of a button, and customer expectations are higher than ever. To...


Measuring the pulse of business: Are you in real time?

10 July 2017

We’ve entered a new age of business. No longer does price or quality alone dictate a business’s success. Today’s deciding factor? Customer experience....


Why it’s time to say goodbye to mystery shopping...

30 May 2017

For decades, mystery shopping has been the industry-standard form of gathering customer feedback and customer-centric businesses have relied on it to...


Does market research really give you the voice of your customers?

23 May 2017

In the past, when you’ve wanted to know what your customers think, you would have generally gone straight to a market research team. They would have...


Where does feedback fit into your business?

24 March 2017

Fairly obviously, we’re big believers in the power of customer feedback. If you want to be truly customer-centric, then knowing what your customers...


Optimising Feedback

08 March 2017


Have you ever gone into a store or business and wished you could give feedback but just find it’s too hard? Giving it in person seems a bit daunting...


Customer Feedback Software - The Next Generation - Update

10 January 2017

We've been busy developing a totally new Customer Radar software platform. We have taken on board all client feedback, and after more than 18 months of...


Looking future-tech at the goldmine of customer feedback

10 January 2017

Consumers love their phones, their tablets; all their mobile devices. Equally so, they love their apps and their games, whether anyone wants to admit...


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