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What is NPS?

Net Promoter Score (NPS), is a customer experience and satisfaction metric widely adopted around the world, and it’s based on one question.

Why Customer Radar?

Every day, we look through the feedback, and if there are any complaints, we do something about it as soon as possible.

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The key to winning at customer experience: Ask, Act, Amplify

12 December 2022

Today’s business landscape is like none before.

Information is available at the touch of a button, and customer expectations are higher than ever. To remain competitive, organisations must provide an outstanding customer experience. Here at Customer Radar, we genuinely believe that the key to winning when it comes to customers is simple. Ask. Act. Amplify. This is our philosophy, and we’ve built our business around this outlook. And here’s why you should too.

Ask – and gather more customer feedback, faster

Unlocking business success starts with live, actionable insights. The best place to get this is straight from your customers.

Customers don’t want to spend hours filling out forms or surveys. Everyone is busy, and your customers’ time is precious. By making it easy, fast and convenient for your customer to respond, you get more feedback, from more people, more regularly. With the flexibility of inviting feedback across channels that best suits your customer, including email, text, online, apps, wifi and even printed on receipts, you will ensure maximum response rates. This straightforward approach captures everything you need to understand how your customers feel about you.  

Keep it short and sweet for your customers by using methods including Net Promoter Score, requiring your customer to answer only two questions—how likely they are to recommend you, and why

At one national retailer, this principle of ‘Ask’ has helped reveal blind spots. During peak times, nearly all transactions need to be completed at a cashier, meaning all employees would be working behind the counter. Management were unaware of the extent to which this affected the customer experience, but through asking for feedback, the impact was revealed. A change has been made, and customer satisfaction increased as a result.

Ask your customers for feedback, make it easy for them and you’ll never look back.

Act – on issues immediately, keep more customers

Let your customers know you care, by acting on their feedback.

Knowing what your customers think is great, but not if it takes days or weeks for this data to get to the right decision maker. At Customer Radar, we’ve made it a priority to ensure all data is live, accessible immediately through your cloud-based dashboard. That means as soon as data appears, you can be alerted immediately and respond appropriately. You’ll have the chance to spot and reward super fans, resolve issues before they go public and empower the right people in your business. It’s about creating a direct connection from customer feedback to the way you operate every day.

Imagine a customer has an awful experience at your business. They thought your team were not very friendly or helpful and they left feeling frustrated and bitter. What are they going to do? Post on Facebook. Complain to their family. Go to your competitor’s store next time.

Now imagine that same customer has an awful experience, but is quickly prompted for feedback, which alerts the manager immediately. You can engage directly with the customer, apologise and and fix the issue quickly. There are many situations where this happens before the customer has left the area and the manager has been able to meet in person and resolve any issues. Ultimately, you’ve avoided negative publicity, and hopefully created a champion customer who will be even more loyal.

By reviewing and responding to your customers feedback you’re creating a direct connection from customer feedback to the way you operate day-to-day.

Amplify – your feedback to help to grow your online reputation every day  

Grow your business further by continuously improving the volume and quality of your Google Reviews. Inviting your customers to post online reviews after they give feedback helps you to build your reputation and ensures that your online reviews give a more accurate representation of your customer experience. Better still, share feedback to your website or social media pages like Facebook too!

The key to being truly customer-centric, and winning at the customer experience, is simple: Ask. Act. Amplify.

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