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Do you have a customer champion in your business?

27 July 2017

When it comes to customer feedback, it’s easy to get complacent. You might have everything set up right, but what happens if no-one within the business is using it properly? The frontline staff aren’t reminding customers to give feedback, and management aren’t accessing the insights they could be to improve the business.

That’s when you need a customer champion.

What is a customer champion?

A customer champion is someone who puts the customer’s voice first. Someone who makes sure that the business is making it easy for customers to give feedback, while also ensuring that the business is then using that feedback to act and improve.

It comes down to ownership

When implementing customer feedback technology, or any other kind of customer-centric activities, it’s important that there is someone whose KPIs sit around measuring performance and activity – someone who will drive engagement with these measures across the rest of the team. After all, your customer experience measure will never exceed your staff engagement measure.

The trouble with champions…

Is that so often, no-one knows quite who that should be. Of course someone needs to manage customer feedback, but where does it fall? Operations? Customer service? Often a customer services team is charged with owning the customer experience, but without a real champion leading them, they’re unlikely to drive implementation of customer feedback effectively.

It’s about people

The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t, in fact, matter which department the customer champion comes from. What matters is having someone who is passionate about the customer experience and able to influence the entire business. In Repco, for example, there’s one frontline retail worker who is so passionate about getting customer feedback that she drives the rest of the team at her branch to get involved.

Customer feedback needs to be fully integrated across the business, with full awareness across different departments and alignment with the business strategy. Given that your customer experience measure will never exceed your staff engagement measure, getting the whole team on board is vital – so make your customer champion someone who can bring people along for the journey.

Leading from the front

In our experience, the best customer champion is usually the CEO or someone very senior. After all, when the customer voice is put at the forefront by the leader of an organisation, that commitment to the customer will spread throughout the business.

For example, at Noel Leeming they consistently have a senior manager responsible for their customer feedback measures – something which has seen a consistent improvement in their Net Promoter Score (NPS) since they started using Customer Radar.

Of course you can have different people accountable for execution and implementation, but when the top dog is the one driving customer feedback and putting the customer’s voice first, it sets a culture of accountability and customer-centricity that flows right through the business. If you delegate too far down the chain, you could be seen as saying it’s not important to every aspect of the business.

Choose a champion

So, we challenge you – if you don’t already have someone responsible for driving engagement with the customer experience and encouraging the use of customer feedback technology, get someone! Figure out who’s truly customer-centric and wants to make a real difference to the business, or appoint yourself customer champion. When it comes down to it, it’s not technology that will improve your customer experience – it’s people. So make sure they’ve got a champion.

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