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Customer Experiences Don't End With A Sale - Patagonia Spotlight

03 August 2018

Mindset of the modern customer, global consumerism and the perpetual business growth drive have contributed to a overarching culture of buying things...


The CX difference – your guide to a successful customer experience strategy

09 February 2018

Take a good, hard look at your business. Are you customer-centric? Are you led by what your customer thinks, or by the bottom line?


Top 5 reasons to engage your detractors

12 January 2018

Being customer-centric and focusing your efforts on the customer experience you offer is the best approach to serving your customers. Collecting...


Is asking for feedback the doorway to negativity?

22 February 2017

You’re in a shop and you experience some brilliant customer service; the staff go above and beyond to help you. When you leave the store, what do you...


Negative Customer Feedback – A Serious Problem or a Joke?

09 February 2017

Negative customer feedback is something a business can never truly escape from. It’s the wasp in the room, the Christmas decorations in October, or the...


The Multipurpose ‘E’ – Why CEO's need to be Chief Experience Officers

09 January 2017


Customer experience isn’t just about being able to provide a good product or service. It’s more than that. It’s about the people behind delivering...


Can you trust what you read? The honesty behind online review websites

18 November 2016

In today’s increasingly digital world, it has become vital for businesses to gain real-time insights into the challenges and opportunities that their...


Dealing with Customer Complaints

12 August 2016


You may remember the story that ran in newspapers across the country about Molten, a restaurant in Mt Eden, and how the restaurant had engaged with a...


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