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Top 5 reasons to engage your detractors

12 January 2018

Being customer-centric and focusing your efforts on the customer experience you offer is the best approach to serving your customers. Collecting feedback and calculating your Net Promoter Score is the ideal way to achieve success here, but that alone won’t get you across the line. Integral part of being truly customer-centric is being able to listen to your detractors - those customers who’s experience in dealing with your business wasn’t great, and engaging them in a constructive dialogue. We take a look at the top 5 reasons your business can really benefit from engaging with your detractors.

Turn your detractors around

Your detractors are your biggest opportunity to learn, improve and, ultimately, see a bounce in your NPS scores. Say a person walks into your store where the assistant is either not attentive or knowledgeable, causing the customer to walk out disgruntled. If the store manager has a facility to collect the customer’s feedback, they can reach out and look to improve their situation. Reasons for being a detractor can be big or small, but righting a wrong can easily turn them right around to a chuffed promoter of your business.

Stop a poor experience from escalating

Once the customer has left annoyed, it can be a matter of time before those appalling reviews start to roll in. Sometimes customers are instantly turned into detractors by an action but, more often than not, a series of events leads to people becoming dissatisfied and telling every man and his dog about it. Being able to identify a disappointed customer quickly and resolving their issue is a sure path to de-escalating the negative effect.

Open a communication channel and show that you are listening

Most customers feel that sending in feedback is akin to buying lotto ticket. Theoretically, there may be some payoff down the line, but chances are very very slim.
If you respond to your detractors, even if it is just to apologise for their lousy experience, they tend to be pleasantly surprised that they are being listened to. This can also disarm them and create an opportunity to have a positive conversation, because they know that someone cares.
The customer now knows that you are listening and that there is a communication path they can address in the future without any fallout and breakup.

Discovering root issues

Sometimes it’s easy for the ego to lead the way and respond negatively to feedback. But, every truly customer focused business knows that looking through the eyes of the beholder (customer) can give insight which is very hard to gain internally.
Customer feedback can point to processes and systems which are not working well for them. Furthermore, diving deeper and engaging the customer about their issue can point to systematic issues which may not be uncovered by looking at the feedback alone.
Discovering issues by engaging your client base can lead to remedying other customer issues across the board, as well as any future planning and rollout of similar products and services by providing valuable learnings.

Keep yourself honest

Following up with your detractors will help a real person out with a real problem. Now, sure that engaging and solving problems will bounce up your essential NPS numbers but, more importantly, you can delight someone and prevent churn. Businesses are built on customers and their experiences; it’s impossible to understate how important those interactions are to the quality of what and how your business delivers.

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