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2019 - Year of the Customer

12 December 2018

As 2018 comes to a close we are all turning our attention to 2019. As with every year, we set our plans and goals for the year and most business have...


CX in 2019: Catering for millennial customers

08 November 2018

The new wave of younger customers has been challenging the paradigms of what is required of businesses when it comes to customer experience. Call them...


Boosting business growth with employee engagement

07 November 2018

There are no positive customer outcomes without engaged employees who care. We often get caught up in measuring and analysing customer experiences...


Preventing customer churn through feedback

06 November 2018

No business wants customers to leave, that’s common sense. But, in order to keep as many customers as possible, businesses need to know what customers...


5 reasons why customer feedback is important

30 October 2018

What is customer feedback?

Customer feedback is information provided by customers about a business, after using their products or services, or about...


5 Retail Trends from 2018 You Need to Embrace

23 October 2018

Few retail trends have risen to prominence this year, reshaping the way we sell, we buy and the way we think about entire B2C interactions. We are well...


Overcoming Business Silos to Improve CX

16 October 2018

Have you ever bought something from a company and the process just felt too difficult to buy it? Chances are that you’ve come across a business where...


Using NPS to gain business insights

05 September 2018

Using smart Net Promoter feedback allows you to segment feedback data into insights belonging separately to promoters, passives and detractors. This...


Growing reputation and loyalty with NPS

24 August 2018

As we've seen in the previous blog on growth through Net Promoter Score, identifying your Promoters, Passives and Detractors is all about measurement...


Growing sales and retention with NPS

09 August 2018

Net Promoter Score is a method designed to gauge a company’s overall customer satisfaction and willingness to recommend the product or service to their...


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