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Growing sales and retention with NPS

09 August 2018

Net Promoter Score is a method designed to gauge a company’s overall customer satisfaction and willingness to recommend the product or service to their...


Customer Experiences Don't End With A Sale - Patagonia Spotlight

03 August 2018

Mindset of the modern customer, global consumerism and the perpetual business growth drive have contributed to a overarching culture of buying things...


Building a great CX culture with NPS

25 July 2018

Sure, Net Promoter Score is a robust measure of a business’s customer experience and loyalty, as well as being a reasonably accurate predictor of...


How to WIN at online reviews

18 July 2018

News about a California law firm taking Yelp to court over defamatory user reviews in the US broke this month highlighting ongoing pain some businesses...


Customer Complaint Strategies - S.O.S. & G.O.

12 July 2018

We recently published a guide on ‘How to get the GOLD out of customer complaints’, which explored the reasons why complaints are of a huge benefit to...


Staying ahead the market with personalised CX

11 June 2018

Providing customers with a  personalised shopping experience is no longer a nice-to-have. In 2018 and ahead, retailers need to think about...


Customer Radar: Understanding Your Dashboard

22 May 2018

The Customer Radar platform has undergone some major changes over the last year. We have overhauled the front end, functionality, branding, the lot....


4 ways for retailers to crack the Chinese market with CX

16 May 2018

Every business’s dream is to crack the Chinese market. Capture just 0.01%, and you’re set for a successful business.


Top 5 Cities in the World – How They Did It

23 April 2018

There’s something incredibly powerful about a city: The buzz, the feeling of energy, connection, and possibility.


5 ways to improve customer experience in FMCG products

10 April 2018

Customer experience is increasingly becoming the difference between organisations that win, and organisations that become extinct.


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